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Problems associated with sexual performance

There is a range of sexual problems, which are so common that both female and male experience them at some stage in their life. The following are common problems of sexual performance:

  • Premature ejaculation is the commonest sexual problem, which affects nearly all men at some stage in their life, particularly those in younger age groups. The man ejaculates before, during or straight after penetration. Anxiety about the possibility of this happening greatly contributes towards the likelihood of this event. Too much heat has often been thought as causes in Chinese medicine theory. After long term of clinical trials, Acuherbal has developed a new and effective way to sort the ‘PE ’problem.

  • Loss of libido is experienced by most people at some stage. There are very many factors, both physical and emotional, which can cause a lowering in libido. Physical causes include various diseases and drugs, in which case the condition is hopefully a transient one. Stress, worry, grief etc. are all significant emotional factors, which need to be addressed and the causes identified and removed, if possible. Certain Chinese herbals can significantly change this situation.

  • Impotence is the inability to have sexual intercourse due to failure in achieving or maintaining an erection. The cause may be organic, i.e. due to a condition or disease such as diabetes or an endocrine gland disorder. More commonly, it is psycho-genetic and caused by psychological or emotional factors. Stress and anxiety relating to some other aspect of life can cause impotence, as may excess consumption of alcohol or drug abuse. Obesity and smoking may contribute to the problem, which can also arise as a side effect of some prescription drugs. In men aged over 65 years, low levels of testosterone could cause some cases of impotence. Chinese medicine believes that strengthening the kidneys could treat impotence. Acupuncture treatment is recommended for long-term treatments. A combination of approaches may be recommended by Acuherbal clinic, based upon underlying causes.

  • Delayed ejaculation is the inability to achieve ejaculation during penetrative sexual intercourse and is usually caused by deeply rooted psychosomatic factors or fears about which the man is unaware.

  • Vaginal discharge abnormalities, the characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge vary depending on the cause, but common features include a change in colour, a foul odour, and associated symptoms such as itching, burning, pelvic pain and or pain during sexual intercourse.  

However, some couples in this position can be helped to have their own child by the various techniques of assisted conception. These include in vitro fertilization (IVF), in which sperm and eggs are combined in various ways in the laboratory before an embryo or embryos are introduced into the woman’s body.

Unfortunately, even when a couple can potentially be helped by infertility treatment, they may not be able to easily obtain this from the National Health Service. Good private clinics exist but the treatment is expensive and may be financially out of reach.

In China, historically, people use Chinese herbal medicine or sometime acupuncture to achieve very good results. Nowadays, even IVF treatment is available, Chinese medicine is still embraced by most couples wanting to have child in China.

Chinese medicine theories believe that human body as whole, so each parts of human body is connected, the man who has a deficiency of the spleen or kidney could easily affect other parts of systems and get problems of infertility such as low sperm count, inactivity of sperm, immune problem etc. By treating the spleen and kidney, people not only become more healthy but also more fertile.